In Between

In Between

In Between (Pleiades Press 2017)

“Some people use pens to write poems. Mita Mahato uses a scalpel. With surgical precision she cuts into the world’s throwaway materials–newspapers, old dress patterns—and renders from them poetry comics about—what else?—loss. With this technique, Mahato returns dimension and palpability to the things we’ve lost so we can reckon with them in the real world.”
—Rich Smith, The Stranger

"It’s almost impossible to look at the poems of In Between and not picture Mahato carving her comics with a scalpel and a pair of tweezers, holding her breath so she doesn’t blow a single scrap of paper astray. That image of their creation is another layer on top of the comics, another field of meaning to be pulled back from the page. The depth those layers of paper provide can barely be measured in millimeters, but they may as well be deep as the ocean, for all the mystery and heartbreak they contain."
—Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books

“Emotionally deep and deeply beautiful, Mita Mahato’s cut paper poetry comics navigate tender and difficult landscapes with insight and a soothing visual clarity.”
—Dana Walrath, Aliceheimer’s

"Ranging from cut-out space ships to static objects used to make human-shaped bodies jarring, Mahato made my favorites by being distinctive from anything else I read in 2017."
—Rob McMonigal, Panel Patter